Maternity urgent issues (778) 440-3379

Grow clinic offers 24/7 on call maternity providers to our maternity patients.  If you are concerned about your health at any point during your pregnancy or postpartum period, or with the health of your infant we urge you to contact us .  If appropriate we will try to fit you in to see one of the clinic doctors, if it is of a more serious nature or after clinic hours we will direct you to the emergency room <20 weeks gestation or infant, where you will be assessed by the emergency room doctor, or to Labor and Delivery (3rd floor) at the Victoria General Hospital, where our skilled team will asses you.  

pregnant belly


Our paediatrics team is a part of a larger group that provides 24/7 on call services to the Victoria General Hospital.  They are not available to reach by calling our on call number.  They are a part of many facets of paediatric health at this site.  They are not available for you to contact personally but if the assessing physician (emergency room, maternity doctor, obstetrician) feels that they need to be a part of the care team, they will be included.  We are lucky to have such a skilled team here in Victoria!

Family Practice urgent issues (778) 440-3379

We have on call 24/7 phone access for our family practice patients to our skilled physicians.  Although they are unable to physically assess you, often they are able to direct you to the most appropriate facility for care if you require it.  We ask that you call only in an emergency if you are unsure of where to seek help.  If you feel like you need an urgent next day appointment please leave a message on our answering machine and someone will call you back the next working day to schedule an appointment.  If you feel that your medical issue can not wait please go to your nearest emergency room.