Medical Education

We all know that to become a caring, compassionate and knowledgeable professional we must be taught these skills.  We learn these skills from those we interact with.  This is no different for our future family doctors.  To learn to be a good family doctor they must be taught.  And who does most of that teaching....the wonderful people we call our patients.  You allow these learners to be a part of you medical journey.  They learn to listen to your problems and concerns and how to hone in on the specific issues that need addressing.  They learn to take that information and look for clues to help them from their physical exam.  They learn how to decide what tests to orders, medications to prescribe or reassurances to give through their experiences with you.  Sure, we as physicians, are their to help guide them along their journey, but you the patients teach them.  We would like to thank you for teaching us, your doctors, and hope that you will continue to do that with each new batch of learners that come to spend time with us in the office.  We have four family doctors who will be joining us on their journey and we hope that you will welcome them and teach them.