Welcome Allied Health

We at Grow Health are SOOOOO Excited!

We have a few new team members joining us and we would like to introduce you:

Cynthia - RN and Breastfeeding guru.  Cynthia joins us in her "spare time" from her main job as a charge nurse on the mother babe unit at VGH LDR.  She tries to come once a week to see our new mommas and babies to help assist with breastfeeding (either before there is an issue, of to help resolve an issue that comes up).  You will always be seen with a Doctor at your breastfeeding visit. 

Sandra - RN public health.  Sandra will be starting with us at the end of May.  She will be doing immunizations for our wee family practice patients (2, 4, 6, 12 and 18 months).  We will look at expanding her role to all immunizations needed as time goes on!  She will also be doing developmental checks at these appointments.  You will also always see a grow Doctor to review with Sandra.  If you are interested doing your child's immunizations with Sandra please call the office to book. She will be starting with one evening a month and as demand goes up, hopefully so will her presence!

Blaine Wilkins - Pharmacist.  Blaine has come to lead the team at our local Pharmasave.  He has been a trusted pharmacist in the community for years.  We feel so privileged that Blaine has become our neighbour!  He and his team are happy to do medication reviews, answer questions and discuss questions or concerns with the Grow Doctors.  He is even looking at expanding his pregnancy and newborn section with the essential gear, based on our recommendations of course!!