Dr. Lea and Dr. Mehaffey

Starting in September, Dr. Lindsay Taylor will be joining Dr.’s Lea and Mehaffey in a long-term practice share. 

Patients who are rostered with Dr Lea will most often see either Dr Lea or Dr Taylor. Patients rostered with Dr Mehaffey will usually see either Dr Mehaffey or Dr Taylor. As before, there will be times when none of the 3 of us are available to cover clinic due to holidays or hospital responsibilities, and in these cases a locum doctor will be available for patients. 

When you go to book online, you will see the providers listed as “Lea/Taylor” and “Mehaffey/Taylor”. If it is important for you to see the same provider at your next appointment, the best way to be sure of this is to confirm the date of your next appointment with your doctor at the end of your appointment.

We hope that this arrangement will enable more consistency and access for our patients overall.